The grateful fox keeps returning to the people, who saved her

The kind fox answered to the man’s kindness with the same way 

A caring man named Gilbert found and treated the poor fox in 2020 and surprisingly the animal answered him with the same way in 2021. The man had an eye operation and needed to have a long therapy. And after the operation he needed to have a good relax.

And here the fox came to help. Usually foxes don’t behave like this, but this one was an exception. The fox went to Jeff on the bed and allowed to be massaged.

Gilbert told, that the animal helped him a lot when she visited her. The man is a well known figure in helping in the field of animal welfare. The man discovered the fox at the side of the road.

Gilbert and other people helped the poor fox, as his body had 149 bugs and all of them were removed. The animal seems to understand, that the people saved her life.

The fox keeps returning to the people, who saved her life, although she was released into the yard.

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