«Still getting butterflies»: The legendary couple of Statham and Huntington once again made everyone believe in endless love

This is what Statham and Huntington-Whiteley look like when no one sees them

One of the strongest, most beautiful and influential couples of nowadays is definitely iconic supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and prominent movie star Jason Statham.

However surprising it might seem, their relationship has already lasted 13 years and, despite all the rumors and conflicts around, the couple still remained firmly inseparable.

Interestingly enough, only after they had their son named Jack in 2017, did Jason propose to the charming model. They had their second son in 2022, whereas nothing about their wedding plans is known to us.

Meanwhile, it seems as if they don’t really need any passport stamp since nothing has prevented them from being together for many years.

During London fashion Week they were secretly photographed and spotted while kissing, hugging and tenderly interacting with each other. Their love seems to only get stronger over years.

It is hardly possible to remain indifferent towards this beautiful couple who makes millions believe in true and unconditional love.

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