«One of the strongest marriages»: Despite others’ disapproval, the marriage of 26-year-old Jackman and 39-year-old Furness still lasts

Even 26 years after their marriage, actor Hugh Jackman and Furness are inseparable

Regardless of all scandals, contempt, family disagreements and past decades, the love between the couple of Hugh Jackman and his wife is getting even stronger. The legendary spouses have always managed to keep their family no matter what.

It was thanks to the great film «Correlli» (1995), that the prominent actor and Deborra-Lee Furness met and became inseparable since their first encounter. The couple got married in 1996, however, their union wasn’t accepted by everyone.

Many were wondering what a 26-year-old man found in a 39-year-old woman coming into conclusion that the reason for it is, perhaps, that Jackman didn’t get tenderness and affection from his mother and subconsciously needed an «adult woman».

Meanwhile, the fact that this marriage has already lasted 26 years is undeniable. Regardless of all hardship in their marital life, the couple is still together. After many attempts to have children, the spouses determined to adopt children – Oscar and Ava.

However, the recent appearance of the legendary couple while leaving the Cheval Blanc Hotel drew everyone’s attention appearing in the spotlight of paparazzi as well. Many clearly noticed that Furness has lost some weight and looked more charming.

According to the woman, she regularly takes hormones in order to eventually become a mother of her own biological kids.

Furness is now 67, yet, according to many, looks even younger than her husband.

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