«The main heartthrob of our time»: The age fails to prevent legendary actor Pitt from attracting millions with his handsomeness

Despite being 59, Pitt still wins millions of hearts being called the hottest man alive

Though world-class and legendary Hollywood star B. Pitt will soon reach his 6th decade, the prominent actor still wins millions of hearts and is often being called the hottest man alive and the main heartthrob of all time.

Pitt is figuratively compared with good wine, since he is getting only better over years. What concerns the recent paparazzi photos, they immediately went viral becoming the subject of heated discussions.

Many rushed to admit that they have been madly in love with the prominent movie star since the very beginning of his drizzling acting career and even now they don’t cease to sincerely admire his charisma, professionalism and attractiveness.

Some even rushed to ask Jolie how she could leave such a dream man.

What films have you watched played by this Hollywood actor? Are you a fan of Pitt?

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