A sweet Dalmatian mother, who became a record holder

A national and international record by delivering puppies 

A dog from Australia set a new national and international record and the new owners of the puppies came to take them eight, ten or even twelve. The dog was named Mina and she vowed to do her promise in the future.

Mina’s owner Diana was amazed by finding out her dog delivered 19 sweet puppies. Like any other pet owner she also took her dog to the vet for an examination during pregnancy.

The owner told, that something went wrong during birth and Mina delivered puppies one by one and she seemed to be far from done. Before that vets had carried out many x-rays and they revealed there will just be four puppies in the litter.

Diana also told, that Mina had the labor lasting thirteen and a half hour and she delivered sixteen puppies. But that’s not the end. Additional two puppies were born a little later.

The story became popular immediately after it was revealed and many people traveled all over the country to take the puppies. And we only wish the babies good luck and be loved by their owners.

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