«Far not everyone would dare»: The scandalous image of the most popular plus-size model in a mini leather skirt caused a stir

This plus-size model showed herself in a mini leather skirt and left the fans speechless

Among the best-known, most successful and in-demand plus-size models is Tess Holliday. Believe it or not, the 36-year-old woman weighs over 300 lbs and it has been her non-standard appearance that always made her unique and distinguished.

It is worth mentioning that the popular plus-size model openly supports body positivity and constantly encourages others to accept and love themselves the way they are instead of trying to lose weight and meet today’s beauty standards.

Despite her non-standard appearance, Tess doesn’t think twice before posting rather daring photos in short tops, mini skirts and revealing outfits. Her recent look in a bold mini skirt emphasized her legs and hips. However, the model wasn’t ashamed at all.

She simply adored her reflection in the mirror and isn’t going to change anything concerning her appearance.

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