A 102 year old grandmother and the elderly cat fell in love with one another

Adorable friendship between an old grandmother and a matching cat

You will be touched by this story recounted by animal rights advocates.

The kitty named Guvo was taken to the shelter in South Carolina for a formal reason, as his owner referred to as unforeseen circumstances, but in reality it was because the pet was aging and no longer as amusing and active as he once was.

The shelter’s vets examined the kitty and discovered he was in perfect health for a kitty of his age. Guvo appeared to be an adorable charmer. He had a perfect health and also discovered his owner.

Soon after the kitty came to the shelter the director received a call from people looking for an elderly house cat for their grandmother. They especially asked for an older cat, that matched the senior age of their grandmother.

The family’s grandmother named Annie and the cat immediately fell in love with one another and are together from that moment. Guvo is happy in his new home.

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