«She definitely hides something from us»: Iconic singer Adele’s recent photos became the subject of heated discussions

After the recent photos of Adele, the fans accused the singer of another plastic surgery

Recently, having been spotted at a basketball match, the brilliant, talented and well-known British singer raised questions concerning her appearance. According to a considerably large number of people, the singer’s face has undergone some changes.

As a reminder, the charming performer lost about 40 kilos during the past three years delighting her followers with her entirely new image. It stands to reason that the iconic woman stunned the netizens with her incredible body changes and transition.

To some, her relatively big cheekbones didn’t seem natural at all drawing everyone’s close attention to the British singer. Perhaps, the paparazzi caught the performer from a wrong angle.

However, most of Adele’s fans failed to see anything wrong and couldn’t stop admiring their idol’s unearthly beauty and femininity.

Do you think the singer has undergone some changes on her face?

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