«No one was ready for this»: Actress Bridget Fonda appeared for the first time in 13 years leaving everyone speechless with her look

The fans didn’t recognize Bridget Fonda in this woman who first appeared in 13 years

A great number of moviegoers will undoubtedly recall Bridget Fonda, a talented and charming actress starring on the big screen in the 1990s. The sudden disappearance of the iconic film star left the onlookers speechless and no one knew the true reason.

Many were convinced that the reason for her seclusion was a car accident she was involved in. On the other hand, the others held the opinion that the actress simply dedicated her to the family life. Anyway, Fonda’s recent appearance caused a stir.

After 13 years the legendary actress first appeared in public in an unusual look wearing a loose pink T-shirt, glasses being with a bun on her head.

It was utterly impossible to recognize the former gorgeous blondie in this woman who has changed beyond recognition.

Did you recognize the 1990s’ actress in these recent paparazzi photos?

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