«Congratulations, our angel»: Actress Abigail Breslin well-known for her role in «Little Miss Sunshine» has recently got married

The «Little Miss Sunshine» star shared her wedding photos and luxurious engagement ring

The happy news that actress A. Breslin well-remembered for her role in «Little Miss Sunshine» which brought her fame and overall recognition, married her boyfriend Ira Kunyansky. Her luxurious simmering engagement ring she showed delighted the fans.

Her gorgeous wedding gown with a fitted bustier top and puffy bottom made the bride look graceful and unsurpassable. What concerns her chosen one, Ira was dressed in a classic black tuxedo with a black bow.

The newlyweds shared some heart-felt wedding photos in an altar decorated with thousands of roses that deeply touched the fans of the newlyweds.

The netizens as well couldn’t remain indifferent towards such happy news.

«Congratulations, our angel», «There is no bride more stunning and graceful than you are», «Wish you boundless happiness and family welfare», «Your gorgeous wedding gown is something out of this world», «It was an honor for me to be a guest to such a remarkable event».

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