«Nothing on Earth can be compared with a father’s love»: The photos showing Cooper carrying his little girl’s backpack touched the fans

Cooper’s endless love towards his 5-year-old daughter is something out of this world

The love story of prominent actor Bradly Cooper and legendary Russian model Irina Shayk definitely deserves our special attention. First, the Hollywood couple kept their romance in secret, then they had a daughter Lea. Afterwards, the couple broke up.

However, recently, several years after their breakup and separation, they again got back together and now are planning to have another child. No single fan of the iconic couple can remain indifferent towards the cuteness of their 5-year-old heiress Lea.

Paparazzi often manages to catch the little cutie accompanied with her mother or father, or both parents since they daily pick her up from the kindergarten. More and more people started to clearly notice that Lea is becoming the copy of her dad.

The netizens never cease to claim that Cooper is a devoted, caring and simply an exemplary father who does all his duties, constantly pays attention to his daughter surrounding her with parental love, care and affection.

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