«The mother and daughter – best friends together 24/7»: This is how Meg Ryan’s adopted Chinese daughter has changed after 14 years

Actress Meg Ryan adopted a girl from China 14 years ago: How does she look now?

It would be hard to find someone who wouldn’t recognize this incredibly talented and hard-working actress who brilliantly starred in a great number of films having great contribution to the world of cinema and winning the hearts of millions of viewers.

Yet, many will be surprised to learn that the prominent actress has an adopted girl from China. Given the fact that the whole process of adaption in the US takes a great deal of time and much effort, the iconic star adopted a child outside the country.

The adorable little girl she adopted was named Daisy who was raised being surrounded by parental love, affection and constant attention. The actress was eager to do anything possible to see her smile and being happy.

The well-known movie star has a son as well who managed to get along well with his adopted sister. What is more, after the divorce of his parents, Jack decided to stay on the side of his father.

For the sake of her adopted daughter, Ryan refused to accept offers from many film agencies and directors so as to dedicate all her time to Daisy.

The only thing the actress regrets is that she could have paid more attention and taken an active part in her biological son’s upbringing.

What concerns Daisy, she has grown into a real beauty, a sweet and humble girl.

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