«Our family could not be happier!»: Here are exclusive photos of the newborn daughter of American model Chrissy Teigen

Teigen and John Legend showed their newborn baby’s face for the first time

On January 13, outstanding American model of Norwegian and Thai origins gave birth to an absolutely adorable daughter. Shortly after the childbirth, the model rushed to show her newborn’s face who had rather plump lips and dark hair.

The little cutie was photographed while being wrapped in a blanket and looked adorable while being asleep. While cradling the baby, Chrissy said «Look. You look like a baby here».

It should be mentioned that the spouses had dated for four years before they had a luxurious wedding ceremony on Lake Como located in Italy. Soon, they will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their marriage.

Chrissy and Legend have a 5-year-old daughter named Luna and a 4-year-old son named Miles as well who were born with the help of IVF.

However, before they experienced the first delights of parenthood, the model, misfortunately, had a miscarriage while being pregnant with her first son. She encourages others to never lose their hope still being in the process of recovering.

2-4 days after the delivery or 10 days after caesarean section, bandaging is done and this results in a quick recovery through the support of the hips and lower back.

What concerns J. Legend, the Oscar and Grammy Award winner shared. «My wife and I welcomed a small child this morning. What a blessed day. Although I didn’t get much sleep, I feel energized after spending a lot of time with Chrissy in the hospital».

The first reaction of Luna and Miles was heartwarming. «She is here! Esty Maxine Stevens – the house is noisy, and our family could not be happier».

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