Veronica Lodge from «Riverdale»: Stunning brunette Camila Mendes from the series «Riverdale» proudly showed her fantastic body

Try not to fall in love with Veronica Lodge from «Riverdale» in swimwear

Many netizens compared Camila, Veronica from the popular series «Riverdale» with a mermaid in a bikini.

Though the talented actress doesn’t often show off her stunning body in swimwear, whenever she does, it becomes clear that she possesses a fantastic all year swimsuit-ready figure.

The iconic star from the series shared. «On certain days, sleep comes first. On the day I can, I do, however, exercise first thing in the morning. On regular days, I make it into a lighthearted ritual. My personal trainer is located at her home, where she has a garage gym set up. It makes me happy and it’s natural».

Our stunning brunette also places a significant importance on sound mental health apart from a healthy physical state. Whenever she has a hard and long day on set, she prefers to meditate in her own trailer for 10 minutes.

She switches off all the lights, sits on the floor and meditates with the help of the app Balance. Now she is fully relaxed and is ready for filming. By saying «wellness», she means taking the best possible care of herself.

«Every now and then, I’ll check in and ask my body «What does my body want? Do I need to hydrate, go to bed, or should I just stand up and stretch?».

«I think being healthy is about recognizing what you really need at that particular time»,- she remarked.

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