The heiress of the «Gone With the Wind» star: This is how the daughter of one of the iconic figures in the world of cinema looked

You will be surprised to see how legendary actress Vivien Leigh’s heiress looked

There is no denying that legendary and incredibly talented actress V. Leigh has always been regarded among the iconic and most influential figures in the world of cinema.

In her early years, her cherished dream was to become an actress. While attending the Academy of Dramatic Arts at the age of 18, she met lawyer H. Lee Holman. Their age difference of 12 years failed to prevent them from getting married.

Herbert was simply unable to resist the unearthly beauty of the outstanding actress. Soon, they had an adorable daughter named Suzanne.

The iconic actress’s obsession with cinema, theatre performances and a drizzling acting career didn’t really please her husband who was sure that it was simply her hobby. Herbert and his mother took an active part in Suzannne’s upbringing.

It is worth mentioning that the great movie «Gone With the Wind» brought the iconic actress overall recognition and being completely disappointed and disillusioned with family life, she left both her husband and Suzanne.

Leigh suffered such diseases as tuberculosis and bipolar disorder, that’s why her cherished dream to have a child with her new husband L. Olivier always remained just a dream.

The relationship with Vivien and her daughter was initially rather tense, since growing into a mature girl she rushed to accuse her mother of having abandoned her. Whereas after some time she could forgive her.

What concerns Suzanne, she was happily married to Robin Farrington with whom she had three heirs – Rupert, John and Neville.

On contrary to her famous mother, Suzanne dedicated herself to family life and children. Moreover, iconic actress Leigh was fond of spending time with her grandchildren.

The legendary actress passed away at the age of 53 and her daughter lived 82 years.

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