«Striving for her idol»: Model Vanessa Moura spent $150 000 on surgeries for the sake of becoming the exact copy of Penelope Cruz

Here is the girl who spent $150 000 on surgeries to look like actress Penelope Cruz

Meet model V. Moura, the owner of her own cosmetics line and perfume brand who has always been striving for her idol, P. Cruz. As she admits, her peers used to compare her with the Spanish actress who has been her idol all her life.

According to Vanessa, she had to undergo three rhinoplasty surgeries so that her nose looked exactly like that of Cruz admitting that the first time was, unluckily, a failure and she had to repeat it several more times for a desirable result.

What concerns the lips, she had to enlarge and reshape them as well, whereas shortly after the first surgery she saw her reflection in the mirror clearly realizing she ceased to look like her idol and everything should urgently be fixed.

In total, the model spent $150 000 on plastic surgeries as well as other cosmetic and beauty procedures concerning not only her face, but also body shape.

Vanessa shared that she takes good care of herself by eating right, regularly exercising and getting enough sleep every single day.

What concerns Penelope herself, she seems to be strongly against surgeries and other modifications once explaining in one of her interviews. «Age doesn’t scare me at all».

As a reminder, the well-known 48-year-old Spanish actress still remains the beauty icon for millions and has been married to film star J. Bardem.


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