«Definitely had something to show»: Princess Diana’s iconic look in mini at the Christies auction deserves special attention

The appearance of Lady Di in a floral mini dress with a neckline in London, 1995

On contrary to the Princess of Wales, K. Middleton, late Princess Diana could often afford herself to appear in mini and with a rather deep neckline. Judging from the iconic woman’s archival photos, it becomes clear she had something to show.

The legendary look of the late Princess at the Christies auction in 1995 didn’t let any single one remain indifferent. At that time, mini and open dresses were in fashion and one can say the Princess caught up with the latest trends.

Her rather revealing blue dress with a floral print won millions of hearts once the archival photos were shared on the web. Lady Di completed her look with matching sparkling earrings, a luxurious ring with a massive stone and a bracelet.

Many left comments claiming that the Princess looked simply stunning and needed no diamonds she since shone even brighter than all the stars.

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