«47-year-old Longoria in a bikini on a yacht»: The recent vacation shots of the «Desperate Housewives» star left the fans speechless                                                         

No one could take their eyes off 47-year-old Longoria’s toned body in a swimsuit

Here is the iconic star of the popular series «Desperate Housewives», E. Longoria who, even being at 47, still never ceases to delight her fans with her toned and flawless figure.

Her recent vacation shots showing the legendary movie star on a yacht in a revealing white swimsuit definitely deserve our special attention. The way the well-known American actress proudly showed her thin waist and slender legs left everyone speechless.

The charming film star asked her followers «Does anyone else miss the summer son?».

Her fans don’t miss a single chance to complement the American star saying that she possesses a desirable body.

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