The rescued dog warms his owner’s heart with his sweet smile. He looks happy and satisfied!

What a heartwarming smile!

Dogs are loving and affectionate creatures and they remain human’s favourite ones. Pit bulls are among them and they can be excellent pets and guardians for their owners.

11 months old Blinks is such an adorable dog, who was saved by Danny, a kind man, and got whatever he needed.

But Danny didn’t adopt the doggy at once. At first he tried to find his owners, but after searching for them for a month, he decided to keep the dog by his side.

And it was the best decision ever…

It’s been 12 years since that day, and Blinks still receives a lot of love and care from his human.

The cute animal is very grateful to him and expresses it with his sweet smile.

Danny is so excited to see that his pet is happy. His wide smile proves that he is satisfied. Keep smiling all day, Blinks! It suits you a lot!

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