«Our chemistry happened on screen»: The incredible friendship of Hollywood film stars Winslet and DiCaprio warms their fans’ hearts

Lifelong friends Winslet and DiCaprio have been inseparable since the film «Titanic»

This is what Hollywood actor DiCaprio said about actress K. Winslet in 1997. «She’s such an amazing person that our chemistry naturally happened on screen». Since then, the two praiseworthy movie stars have been inseparable and faithful friends.

Most people are more than sure that Winslet and DiCaprio first met during the filming of «Titanic», yet the first time they, in fact, met was at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival when they still didn’t know they would star in the same James Cameron movie.

As Winslet admitted, she first thought that it would be hard to work with DiCaprio who was an attractive man and a brilliant performer, but everything simply poured. The loyal friends played characters of a wife and husband in «The Road to Change».

The well-known actor was there during the marital life of Kate and her third husband and, even after their divorce, he offered his priceless help to his best friend eagerly taking care of her child.

Kate in her turn was present while the actor was nominated for an Oscar in 2016 and openly supported him.

«He deserves a reward. He’s my closest friend in the world».

According to them, the fact that they have never flirted with each other and haven’t been in a romantic relationship made their friendship last considerably longer.

They truly love working together explaining that «A single mechanism that works nicely together».

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