«Love knows no bounds»: The union of an 83-year-old millionaire with a 22-year-old girl caused a stir on network

The scandalous relationship between a 22-year-old girl and 83-year-old millionaire

Here is American millionaire J. Goldstein who still fully enjoys his life living it to the fullest. The 83-year-old man prefers young and stunning-looking girls for which he often faces heavy criticism. People rush to accuse him of immorality and improper behavior.

Though the millionaire is already in his 80s, he hasn’t ceased to fully enjoy life being surrounded by youthful and attractive girls and women. The choices he sometimes makes become the center of attention and no one can remain indifferent.

Meet Liza Adamenko who is the 22-year-old girlfriend of the millionaire from Russia. She is now a model in the US.

Many are wondering why a 22-year-old girl has chosen an old man to date. Some believe that she doesn’t have any moral values and is with him because of money interests.

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