A sweet kitten was discovered wandering the jungle by itself

A kind couple transported the kitty with them from a rural area

Life continues to amaze us in some cases. A sweet couple went cycling one day and considered it would be a usual day. But life had other plans for them.

Suddenly they heard a strange noise and their curiosity led them see what’s going on. They were amazed to discover a lonely cat wandering the jungle by itself.

Celinne and her fiancé named Dany were riding when all of a sudden they heard a noise, that took them to the sweet kitty. The couple was in a very rural area. They were amazed to find such a small kitten in such a distant part of the nation.

Celinne crouched and calmly talked to the kitty, trying to comfort him. Celinne and Dany tried to take her as far as possible without a pet transporter as they had a long drive home.

Finally they found a comfortable thing to wrap her and considered to return back home.

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