«What’s wrong with Lana?»: The way American singer Lana Del Rey has changed didn’t let her fans remain indifferent

Lana Del Rey’s fans hardly recognized the singer who has changed gaining 70 pounds

There is no denying that outstanding, talented and successful American singer L. Del Rey has changed beyond recognition noticeably having gained much weight which was clearly seen in her recent paparazzi shots. It is known that the popular performer has gained over 70 pounds, that fact that leaves her fans speechless.

Many recall the early years of her career on stage when she proudly demonstrated her slim and slender figure frequently appearing in mini or revealing dresses. Yet now, her fans hardly recognized their idol and even started to worry about her asking what happened to the popular singer.

Her appearance disappointed some of the netizens who rushed to claim that the American singer is no more the same and doesn’t look as charming and attractive as she did before.

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