«Definitely looks her best»: No one could take their eyes off legendary actress Jolie in a black top without a bra

Hollywood beauty icon Jolie proudly showed her thin waist and perfect body shape

Recently, the charming, outstanding and talented 47-year-old actress drew everyone’s attention appearing in public in a short black top without a bra proudly demonstrating her thin waist and stunning figure.

No one would ever guess that the iconic movie star is already 55 since she still looks amazing and much younger than her actual age.

There is no need to mention that Jolie has always remained one of the most desirable, attractive and demanded Hollywood actress, that’s why many are still wondering why and how Pitt could leave such an unearthly beauty.

Many hold the opinion that the Hollywood star looks fantastic and unsurpassable in this black top.

Do you share the same opinion?

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