Dad told the dog that his mommy was expecting a baby, and how he reacted to it, was amazing

What an unexpected reaction!

Meet Raegan, a nine months old dog, who is very affectionate and is strongly devoted to his owners.

Once his daddy named Jacob Holbrook decided to try his dog and put him next to his pregnant wife and said that she was expecting a baby. He captured the moment on camera in order to have a nice picture, but the result was really astonishing.

How the doggy reacted to the man’s words, made the couple speechless. They didn’t expect such an answer. Jacob’s facial expression changed at once and he looked so surprised.

They wanted to get a beautiful picture and post them on social media, but in fact, something funny happened, which entertained not only the couple, but also the whole world.

Because Raegan is very friendly and loving, the parents are sure that he will be a good companion for their future baby and can’t wait to see how they will grow up together.

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