«Looks twice bigger than her mother»: The recent photos of Beckham’s 11-year-old heiress caused a stir on network

Here is Beckham’s daughter who was heavily criticized for her «imperfect» body

Here is V. Beckham’s heiress Harper who has recently turned 11, whereas has already managed to become an actively-discussed star on network. Her recent photos immediately caused a stir and a great number of netizens rushed to compare Beckham’s daughter with her iconic mother.

The fact that little Harper has noticeably rounded didn’t let any of their haters and ill-wishers remain silent. Many rushed to heavily criticize the little star for being plump and twice bigger than her mother.

«She definitely eats for two», «She has nothing in common with her charming mother», «Her father’s exact copy, for sure!», «She didn’t inherit her mother’s slimness and attractiveness».

«Come on! She is still 11 and has a lot of time to get into the right shape. Please, stop criticizing the little girl».

This is how the network users reacted.

What can you say about the appearance of Beckham’s little heiress?

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