«Hardly fits into a leather mini»: The way Rihanna changed after the childbirth barely fitting into her mini surprised the fans

Rihanna left her fans speechless hardly fitting into a leather mini due to extra pounds

Having experienced the first delights of motherhood, iconic and one of the brightest singers Rihanna has dedicated herself to her precious newborn baby and family life only rarely appearing in public. Whereas recently, the overall-recognized and legendary singer appeared in a leather mini making it clear that she has noticeably rounded shortly after the childbirth.

There is no need to say that everyone was literally left speechless with the radical changes she has undergone. The outstanding singer has considerably gained weight and looks totally unrecognizable in the latest paparazzi shots.

Her unsuccessfully chosen outfit was in total-black and, being too tight-fitting, it clearly emphasizing her rounded body shape.

We can surely say that the well-known performer seems not to care about the extra pounds she has gained and proudly demonstrates her plump figure.

What do you think about the iconic singer’s appearance in a leather mini?

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