«The father of six princesses»: The man of reincarnations showed his 6 charming daughters delighting everyone

Here are the six beautiful heiresses of Eddie Murphy, «The Nutty Professor» star

Many strongly hold the opinion that legendary actor Eddie Murphy is truly a man of reincarnations who is not only able to brilliantly star several roles in one and the same film at the same time, but also reveal and portray them in an excellent and praiseworthy way.

It should be noted that in the great movie «The Nutty Professor», the incredibly talented actor appeared in seven totally different roles and, what concerns «Tricks of Norbit», the iconic man portrayed three characters.

The popular comedies he appeared in are full of cult and humorous scenes and remarkable performances.

Apart from all this, Murphy is also actively engaged in voicing cartoon, including the Donkey from Shrek, as well as in writing scripts, music and stage performances.

Surprisingly enough, the praiseworthy artist has 10 children, 6 of whom are charming girls about whom you will be informed below.


The eldest heiress of Murphy will soon turn 30 and has acted in a number of films and TV shows the most popular one of which is «Daddy»

Shane Audra

What concerns Shane, she will soon celebrate her 25th birthday and took her first steps in the cinema at the age of 12. Meanwhile, the girl has starred in 3 films and only one of them was a success.

Zola Ivy

Zola turned 20 in December and is actively engaged in the modeling sphere. Some of her photographs are printed on posters and popular magazines.

Bella Zahra

It should be noted that Bella is still 17 and is the last heiress from his first marriage to N. Mitchell. It is relevant to mention that she was only three when her parents, misfortunately, divorced.

Angel Iris

Here is Eddie’s daughter from singer M. Brown with whom the prominent actor once had a love affair. At first, he strongly refused to recognize his heiress, whereas a DNA test soon made it clear.

Izzy Una

What concerns the talented movie star’s youngest daughter, she is still three and is from model P. Butcher with whom he has been in a relationship for already seven years.

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