«The femininity icon in a spider-web dress»: No one could take their eyes off the magnificent look of Chastain

Chastain’s chic look in a transparent spider-web dress at the Golden Globes

45-year-old J. Chastain became the highlight at the Globes in Beverly Hills on 11 January. The spectacular appearance of the iconic star drew everyone’s attention there.

The netizens couldn’t take their eyes off the rather unusual, incredibly elegant and luxurious dress of the star and many rushed to call it «Spider-web». For millions, Chastain still remains the femininity icon who certainly knows how to outshine everyone on her way.

Her appearance on the Red Carpet, undoubtedly, deserves our special attention. The iconic woman chose a dress by Oscar de la Ranta embellished with rhinestones.

The legendary actress clearly realized that it was her magnificent dress that should be the main emphasis, that’s why she refused to put on extra jewelry, expect for rings.

«Her dress somehow reminds that of Salma», «Definitely the main highlight on the Red Carpet», «I don’t think this dress perfectly emphasized her stunning body», «Quite unexpected».

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