Alex from the sitcom «Modern Family» after 14 years: The way Ariel Winter has changed greatly surprising the fans

The transformation of the «Modern Family» star didn’t let the fans stay indifferent

This young, but incredibly talented and charismatic actress gained overall recognition due to her legendary role in the popular sitcom .In the course of the 11 seasons the youthful actress won millions of hearts becoming a real star.

As we know, Winter suffered some overweight and didn’t feel really confident about her «imperfect» body. Moreover, the netizens and viewers sometimes afforded to negatively comment on her unique appearance.

Being already grown-up and mature enough, the movie star decided on undergoing mammoplasty reducing the size of her breast keeping regular physical exercises at the same time.

Currently, being already 24, the actress looks like a fashion model who doesn’t mind frequently sharing her bold and, sometimes, provocative photos. She no longer has insecurities about the way she looks and is open to new major projects.

Her followers don’t miss a chance to comment on her lovable and gorgeous appearance admiring her unearthly beauty and femininity.

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