A kind woman looked after the pregnant kitty and her young, that were born in her house

A pregnant kitty required for help and a place to deliver her kitties

A stray kitty walking in a backyard required help in order she could deliver her young. A stray kitty named Wurst thought she may be secure there as she made friends with a kitty living in the nearby house and requested help.

Lida began to see, that a black cat visited her more often. Wurst seemed to like Lida’s kitty named Bruno and was ready to make companions with Bruno, although she was a little timid.

And after learning about Wurst Lida started placing food outside her house in order she eat. But after dome time Lida noticed, that Wurst’s tummy was becoming larger and she understood she was pregnant.

And after a short time she delivered her babies. When the woman allowed the cat to enter Wurst stepped and found the perfect location for her. Wurst had two adorable kitties. And when they were enough grown up Lida put them for adoption. She made sure they have perfect homes and owners.

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