Abandoned kittens know that they are safe and protected next to their new «mother»

What a wonderful attitude!

Meet Bertie, a loving and caring dog, who was saved by a kind family and started a new carefree life with them.

She knows what means being stray, that’s why she perfectly takes care of these seven helpless kittens, who were found on the street and taken in by her owner.

She became a loving mother for the babies and provided them with everything they needed. Bertie teaches them how to be confident and how to behave themselves in society.

It’s very touching to see that the rescued dog supports others and does her best to make their lives better. The owners are attracted by their pet’s behaviour and they are sure that the kittens are in the safe hands.

They continue to stay under the strong care of the doggy until they will be strong enough to be put for adoption.

When the kittens become a bit older, they will be sent to a shelter. Although their separation will be difficult for Bertie, the family has to divide them, because they need to be adopted by forever homes.

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