«Hayek in pajamas and without makeup»: The way one of the iconic Mexican actresses looks without makeup impressed everyone

Without makeup and other preparedness, Salma proudly showed her natural beauty

Regardless of being already 56, Hayek still remains one of the most attractive and desirable film stars whom millions adore and towards whom no man can remain indifferent.

The outstanding movie star possesses absolutely everything for being regarded the epitome of female beauty and attractiveness – a thin waist, rounded hips, beautiful face features as well as attractive forms. There hasn’t been a case when Salms’s appearance ceased to delight every single one since she always manages to look her best perfectly emphasizing her stunning body.

We can’t see any wrinkles on her face and the actress’s skin still looks smooth, that’s why it is not surprising that she is the idol of millions. When the iconic woman is asked what she does so as to always look fantastic, she rushes to answer that the key to her beauty is regular sports, healthy nutrition and, of course, genes.

The recent photo the Mexican actress shared revealed her in pajamas and without a hint of makeup. The movie star looked amazing as always showing her entirely natural appearance. There is no denying that she looks great even without any preparedness.

Her fans immediately came into delight seeing their idol in pajamas and without makeup admitting that she, in fact, doesn’t need anything since her natural beauty is enough to charm the entire world.

What can you say about the famous actress’s natural beauty?


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