“Looks maximum 25 at her 66”: Netizens were fascinated with the fantastic appearance of iconic Ornella Muti

Millions were delighted with 66-year-old actress Ornella Muti’s incredible beauty

The recent appearance of charming and outstanding film star O. Muti didn’t let any single one stay indifferent towards her unrealistic beauty, charm and elegance.

It should be noted that perhaps no one would give her more than 25 looking at the iconic actress now. People can hardly believe that the movie diva has already celebrated her 66th birthday as she still delights the entire world with her “ageless” beauty, femininity and grace.

It is needless to say that one can find a number of positive comments under her recent fascinating photos left by her fans who periodically compliment the prominent actress on her fantastic appearance.

Meanwhile, the intervention of plastic operations is sometimes considerably noticed and many hold the opinion that the merit of her phenomenal look lies not only behind her regular physical activities and self-care.

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