“Winslet without an ounce of makeup on”: Legendary film star Winslet washed off her makeup during Live

The star of “Titanic” at 46 proudly showed her natural beauty without makeup

Perhaps, every one of us has watched the great and legendary movie “Titanic” not even once and the unearthly beauty and femininity of one of the leading characters K. Winslet didn’t let any one of the viewers stay indifferent. However, we should admit that over time all people without exception undergo radical changes concerning their appearance and so does our heroine.

One reason why Winslet’s fans love and respect the iconic actress so much is that she is completely open to her followers and often demonstrates her natural appearance without an ounce of cosmetics or retouching.

While the prominent movie star was washing off her makeup during her Live, many rushed to praise her frankness towards her fans. The fact that Kate didn’t even try to hide her age-related changes greatly impressed everyone.

Most of her followers were delighted admitting that they highly appreciate their idol’s honesty and that she encourages others to accept their body the way it is no matter any flaws or blemishes.

How did you find the iconic film star’s appearance without cosmetics on?


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