“Cellulite and extra weight”: This is how the legs of one of the iconic fashion models look in real life?

Are you ready to see the legs of one of the highest-paid models in close-up?

First and foremost, it should be noted that she is one of the highest-paid, successful and demanded models in the entire world who definitely has her unique and irreplaceable place in the fashion world. A number of experts and fashion critics consider her facial feature “right” and most beautiful amongst all the models on Earth.

There is no need to mention that a lot of girls and women envy Hadid’s perfect physical properties desiring to possess such an attractive body.

Nevertheless, many clearly noticed that during the quarantine the iconic model considerably gained weight and quitted her regular trainings which were reflected in her recent photos by paparazzi.

However, her loyal fans rushed to stand up for their idol claiming that nothing really spoils her unearthly beauty and elegance.

Do you think she deserves to be called the most beautiful woman on Earth?

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