“Unsuccessfully selected clothes!”: Iconic Hayek was heavily criticized for her extravagant look

Far not all her fans were pleased their idol’s tasteless and extraordinary looks

According to a number of netizens, actress Hayek from Mexica remains amongst the most desirable, praiseworthy and well-recognized actresses in the film industry. Regardless of her age, she is still adored by millions.

Her gorgeous hair, perfect skin and splendid appearance make the iconic and talented actress even more adorable and in demand. Meanwhile, she has not always stunned absolutely everyone with her outfits in public.

Though her loyal fans rushed to stand up for their idol as always, many claimed that she was dressed unacceptably thus showing her bad taste. Salma was heavily criticized for the following unsuccessfully chosen outfits.

The photojournalist managed to catch the actress in a velvet outfit which, according to many, stressed her flaws, instead of showing her desirable features.

Many were actively discussing the unusual outfit of the celebrity claiming that she shouldn’t have chosen such an eye-catching and tasteless look.

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