“An unkempt look in slippers”: Far not everyone appreciated the legendary Italian diva’s recent appearance

The iconic Italian brunette in an unkempt look in slippers surprised her fans

It is hard to name someone more desirable and adored by so many people worldwide than Monica Bellucci. There is no need to say that the photojournalists don’t miss a single chance to catch the famous brunette, that’s why she is, sometimes, captured by the paparazzi the time she expects to see them the least.

Recently, the Italian diva was caught in a black top and shirt completing her look with slippers, the element which raised many questions on the web.

However, many rushed to claim that no matter what clothes she is wearing, she is still and will always be the embodiment of female beauty and attractiveness. Some even pointed out that nothing can actually ruin her beauty.

“Still looks stunning in slippers!”, “Nothing can ruin her beauty”, “How is this even possible?”, “I literally adore her”, “The most beautiful on Earth”.

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