“A girl with Down Syndrome dominates in fashion industry!”: This girl works as a model despite her diagnosis

Despite being diagnosed with Down Syndrome, this girl at 22 became a model

This unique girl’s cherished dream from Britain is to attract the whole Hollywood becoming a successful model though being diagnosed with the Syndrome of Down. In fact, the charming girl was initially inspired by E. Goldstein.

Once seeing the adorable girl’s photos, many strongly advised her to take up modeling and show her unearthly beauty and uniqueness to the whole world.

It should be mentioned that Beth was not only accepted, but also offered to sign a contract with popular modeling agencies.

Despite her serious condition, Beth is positive-minded and has an optimistic attitude towards life. Moreover, she is confident about her abilities and skills.

According to Beth’s mother, today’s society has changed greatly for the better. Nowadays, most people are tolerant and are ready to accept those with non-standard and extraordinary appearance as well. She added that the things are much easier than they anticipated when the unique girl was born.

In addition, a number of photographers claim that Beth acts in an excellent way in front of cameras spreading her charm and positive energy everywhere she goes.


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