Kurt Russell’s wife actress Goldie Hawn surprised everyone with her figure in a swimming suit

This is how iconic actress Goldie Hawn at the age of 76 looks in a bikini

It should be noted that iconic and legendary G. Hawn at her 76 and her beloved husband Kurt Russell at his 71 have been happily married for already a long time and are still totally inseparable.

And quite often, the paparazzi manage to capture the spouses on camera when they have no idea that they are being chased and photographed. Exactly in paparazzi’s shots, the real appearance and behavior of people are revealed, sometimes being quite surprising and unexpected.

Many rushed to criticize the photographers claiming that they should let the spouses relax and finally stop chasing them since being in 70s, it is utterly impossible to possess flawless appearance.

Most netizens were not really satisfied with the photos and accused the photographers of not letting the couple enjoy their time.

Do you agree with the network users?

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