A new standard of female beauty: British actress Jodie Comer, 29

29-year-old British actress exceeded the list of celebrities with the most flawless facial features.

Plastic surgeons led by Julian De Silva have discovered a new quality of female beauty: 29-year-old British actress Jodie Comer. According to them, the facial features of the celebrity of the series “Killing Eve” are as close as possible to flawlessness with the “golden section” formula. The surgeon used a computerized mapping technique to evaluate the skill of Jodie Comer.

“She had the highest scores for nose and lip position and was almost first in lip shape as well as eye position. Her chin is perfectly shaped and the general shape of her face is really firm. The only element she was underestimated for was her eyebrows, which received a mean score of 88,” Julian De Silva explained.


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