The reason why popular rapper Cardi B has never hired a babysitter for her little children

This is why Cardi B strongly refuses to hire a nanny for her little children

Many have been wondering how overall-known and successful American rapper Cardi B manages to combine both her drizzling career and the motherhood. People were literally amazed learning that she has never hired a nanny.

It is worth mentioning that the popular singer and her husband are devoted parents of a 4-year-old girl and a 10-month-old boy.

As she mentioned, the kids once fell seriously ill at the same time and Cardi got totally exhausted and had no energy and enthusiasm anymore.

Cardi B admitted that while she was undergoing such difficult times, she started to highly appreciate her mother who had experienced exactly the same.

It should be, of course, noted that despite all this hardship she kept strongly refusing to hire a babysitter as she was extremely afraid of anyone outside their family and a single thought of an unfamiliar soul next to her babies seemed terrifying.

The rapper never ceases to mention that her family played a huge and irreplaceable role in the upbringing of her children and that she is very grateful to them.

She considers it her responsibility to take care and look after her own children since no one else could ever love them as much as she does.

The singer keeps encouraging parents not to be indifferent and distant from their children as the only thing they need is parental love.


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