Far not everyone appreciated iconic Hollywood star Roberts’s recent look during her trip

Fans refused to believe that it was actually Roberts in such an unkempt look

It is rather hard to realize that Roberts has already turned 55 since one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood still maintained her well-groomed and gorgeous look. While her recent look captured by the paparazzi was appreciated by far not everyone.

As it is known, Roberts is not a big fan of frequently appearing in public, events and shows. She literally can’t stand the presence of hundreds of cameras directed to her.

During her trip in Australia, the well-known star was noticed in a rather unkempt look, casual shorts and an oversized T-shirt completing her outfit with a cape. Her fans hardly recognized their favorite actress.

Many rushed to point out that her thinness already looks extreme and unhealthy. They were not pleased with her appearance at all.

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