“Delon in a female version!”: Here is legendary Delon’s granddaughter who was raised without her father

Would you like to see how Delon’s granddaughter abandoned by her father looks?

It goes without saying that no matter what, Alain Delon was and will always remain one of the legends in the film industry of all time. He is the man who has constantly been surrounded by millions of women admirers, whereas it was Natalie Barthelemy who gave him an heir named Anthony.

After the spouses, unfortunately, divorced, their 5-year-old heir’s life radically changed for the worse. He experienced difficult childhood years being engaged in car thefts and illegal weapons. Anthony was one of the members of the group called “Bad Guys”. The guy has had three children – Lou, Liv and Alison.

As a result of the relationship of Antony and dancer Marie-Helene Le Borge, charming Alison was born. Once Antony was hit by the news that the woman was expecting a baby, he heartlessly abandoned her strongly refusing to take part in Alison’s upbringing.

It is worth mentioning that the man first saw his heiress when she was already 11. The fact that Alison is the exact copy of her father is simply undeniable.

The unique and adorable girl was studyinh at a theatre college and working as a part-time waitress at the same time in order to earn enough money for her study fees. Whereas at the age of 14, Alison started her drizzling career in modeling periodically appearing on the cover of magazines. Many rushed to point out that she looked incredibly like Delon.

However, in reality, she is rather preserved and little do people know about her personal life. The paparazzi happened to notice her accompanied with Nicolas Sarkozy, the heir of ex-president of France.

It should be noted that Alison has tried her hand in acting achieving great success in this sphere as well.


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