How clever they are! Mother elephant blocks the road so that her family can pass securely  

Elephants are very similar to humans in that they defend their families, as you can clearly see in the following clip.

Yasoprakas Debdas not so long ago shot a massive elephant on a path near Gorumara National Park located in northwest Bengal, India.

The clip begins with a massive elephant pursuing a man on a bicycle. But what’s the reason?

The elephant turns out to be a mother searching for her family, waiting in the bushes along the path.

Mom wants to make certain that there are no people or traffic jams around that could damage her family.

As soon as she is sure it is secure, she drives the herd to the other side of the path.

Luckily, the cars in the back fall behind (as if the police are blocking the road), making way for the mother and her family to cross the location.

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