“The heiress of the late King of pop!”: Here is the grown-up daughter of iconic musician Michael Jackson

This is how legendary pop star Jackson’s unique daughter looks today

It should be mentioned that far not every fan of the legendary musician knows that the great man had an heiress, Paris, who has recently turned 23 and charms every single one with her angelic beauty, distinctiveness as well as her incredible similarity with her late father.

It is worth mentioning that Paris takes a great interest in actively participating in various shows and events. Moreover, the absolutely unique girl has brilliantly starred in a couple of films and is currently specializing in the sphere of modeling as well.

A quick reminder: Paris was born on the third of April, 1998, in the state of California. According to reliable sources, she is about 176 cm tall and possesses perfect and “right” features required for becoming a successful model.

It is relevant to mention that Paris has won the first place in modeling accolades, including those of “Hottest Girl” and “Best Model”.

What can you say about the appearance of the daughter of the iconic musician?

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