“Is this even the same person?”: Here is the winner of Eurovision Conchita who entirely transformed his image

Are you interested in how Conchita has changed since the Eurovision?

It should be mentioned that when this non-standard and unusual-looking, but a truly talented and praiseworthy singer performed during the Eurovision, there, probably, wasn’t any single one who stayed indifferent towards discussing his extraordinary appearance. Thousands immediately rushed to judge and criticize the singer.

The performer’s real name is Thomas and since his childhood he clearly realized that he didn’t possess any masculine features and didn’t like the way clothes for men looked on him.

And Thomas determined to introduce himself to the world in the image of a woman. However, he had no idea that children and teenagers could be this much cruel and violent.

Whereas the only thing the public couldn’t mock him about was his powerful voice. The guy has been taking a great interest in vocal since very early ages and now, eventually, gained worldwide fame and popularity.

All his efforts paid off when Thomas took the first place in Eurovision Song Contest.

It was intriguing for the organizers to introduce someone with an extremely unusual and, as they call, with “unusual orientation” to the contest.

It is known that the singer was married to a French dancer, whereas they, unfortunately, broke up the reason of which is unknown as Thomas doesn’t like sharing details about his personal life.

And recently, the star realized that he grew extremely tired of the popular image of Conchita and decided to change his appearance.

It should be noted that his heart is not occupied and he is currently looking for the love of his life.

As Thomas mentions, a lot has actually changed since the Eurovision. Our society has become much more tolerant and if he happened to perform now very few would criticize him.

He feels happy realizing that people are changing and becoming less cruel and criticizing.

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