“Literally no one is flawless!”: The recent photos of Italian actress Bellucci disappointed some of her fans

Photos proving that Italian diva Bellucci is not really as perfect as many believe

It is needless to mention that iconic and legendary model and actress from Italy always remains in the spotlight and no single appearance of her lets anyone stay indifferent.

Her latest photos showing the diva in close-up literally astonished the admirers of the actress who rushed to complain that the outstanding star is no longer the same beauty and has changed a lot.

In the following shots, Bellucci was wearing a minimal amount of cosmetics and her hair was slightly curled.

It should be noted that the network users immediately divided into two big groups -the ones who stood up for the actress praising her gorgeous look at 57 and those who rushed to judge the diva claiming that she looks just like an ordinary aged woman.

There were many comments as well claiming that Bellucci has already aged considerably losing her charm and femininity.

And what is your opinion concerning her appearance?


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