Tyra Banks, Kardashians and others! Here we show popular stars in their natural look without makeup

Are you ready to see how our idols look without having any cosmetics on?

It goes without saying that on the Red Carpet, in the events and popular shows the majority of worldwide famous celebrities appear spectacularly having a simply perfect hairstyle and makeup on delighting absolutely everyone there with their gorgeousness.

The thing is that, you know, they all desire to seem flawless without any single imperfection, whereas it is utterly impossible, is it? What concerns their casual walks and everyday life, these iconic stars, of course, don’t look the same as we are used to seeing them.

So, here are “honest” photos of famous female celebrities revealing them without any cosmetics on. It should be noted that, according to a number of netizens, some of them look even unrecognizable.

K. Clarkson

M. Kunis




Khloe Kardashian


Kim Kardashian

H. Klum

K. Griffin

K. Holmes

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