“The idol of our time in his 80s”: The paparazzi managed to catch iconic 84-year-old film star Celentano

Despite being in 80s, legendary actor Celentano still maintains his charm

It is rather difficult to believe that the idol of our childhood, legendary and talented Adriano Celentano has already turned 84. It should be noted that the outstanding film star is very rarely caught in public, but whenever he is, absolutely no one can stay indifferent. The whole thing is that the great actor of our time likes spending his precious time accompanied with his family, closest friends and colleagues.

The recent photos of the iconic star taken by the paparazzi clearly show how much the film star has changed in the course of these years. His fans’ happiness recognized no boundaries once seeing their beloved idol.

Despite many negative opinions about the Celentano’s aged appearance, his loyal fans can’t stop admiring the actor claiming that he actually looks great regardless of his senior age. He has definitely remained the same charismatic and captivating personality.

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